Member Information

Thank you for considering a 185 King Street Membership.

Becoming a member of the Club is truly a unique opportunity. It enables access to a spectacular club like no other in Brevard. In the Club, prominent men and women such as you come to socialize, do business, and entertain.

Music Member Benefits and Privileges
• 185 King Street Membership Card
Your personalized, non-transferable card grants you access to the benefits and privileges of membership at the Club located in Brevard, NC.

• Discounted Tickets
Music Members receive free or discounted ticket pricing on all concerts or events

• Concert Ticket Availability
Members are given advance notification of all available upcoming concerts and offsite events prior to the release of this information to the general public. Please note: tickets, when available, are on “first-come, first-served” basis and quantities are limited.

• Club Communication
The Club keeps its members updated on all news and events from the organization via email. Every email contains information about member events as well as other items of interest, such as upcoming concerts and other news.
• Discounted Rates for Event Space Rentals
Music Members will receive discounted rates on club rentals for private events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, reunions, catered events, etc.

Social Member Benefits and Privileges
Social members are allowed access to the club during all business hours and during all events at a higher ticket cost for events.

Membership Terms