The Bill Mattocks Quartet Featuring Howie Johnson

Tickets are available for online purchase up until 8:00am the day of the show. If you would like tickets the day of show please visit us at 185 King Street anytime after 4:00pm.

September 21, 2019 8:00 pm September 21, 2019 10:30 pm

The Bill Mattocks Quartet will start up officially in September of this year..(although there might be some sneak previews here and there) this is an offshoot of what I do when I tour the Northwest. It's primarily a Blues show (although I stray slightly in the music when I feel like it) Featuring a whole lot of Harmonica. Helping me along with this project is one of the best Guitar Talents in Western North Carolina...Howie Johnson.

He's a monster player and I'm so looking forward to creating music with him. The rhythm section from Bill Mattocks and The Strut will be rounding out the quartet. Tim McCall will be holding down Bass for me. We've worked together for the last 5 years on a few different projects..he's a great talent (Tim also plays guitar for The Rich Nelson Band) and of course the other half of the rhythm section is Marc Friedlander. Marc's a much in demand drummer..and I'm lucky to have him included in this project.