Music, Food and Brews in Brevard's Backyard

Randall Bramblett Band

Saturday, June 01
Doors: 12pm // Show: 8pm
$12 to $25

In addition to his solo work over the course of his illustrious 40-plus-year career, Jesup, Georgia born Randall Bramblett has recorded, performed and composed alongside rock luminaries like The Allman Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Winwood, Marc Cohn, The Band’s Levon Helm, Widespread Panic, and more.  Deep into his self-described second act of his solo career, and living in Athens, Georgia, Bramblett’s talents are repeatedly praised by musicians, critics and fans.  He adds to his storied body of work with continual reinvention and true conviction on his 12th album, Pine Needle Fire.  Bramblett says it is “about time passing, or at least grappling with the realization that you don’t have an infinite amount of time left like you think you do when you’re young.” 

 Bramblett’s built up an impressive and diverse solo catalog over the course of his life in music. Which, he says, is the most rewarding thing of all. “Doing those classic, huge, great songs with other artists is always a thrill and an honor, but they’re not my songs,” he says. “It’s much more satisfying for me to write something in my voice that means something to me personally, and then hear it come together musically with people I love and have it develop into a beautiful thing.” 

That latest “beautiful thing” is Pine Needle Fire, on which Bramblett continues to channel his singular voice and unique storytelling approach and experiences into something insightful, tuneful and incredibly soulful. 

“I do feel like I’m in the middle of a really good creative moment,” Bramblett says, then laughs. “You know, I’m definitely not sliding backwards into some kind of nostalgia thing or whatever.”

Check out the incredible musicians he has played and recorded with here!

Venue and ticketing information:

We are family friendly, but shows are 21+ unless accompanied by a guardian.  

For this show you have the option of purchasing a table or a general admission ticket.  

When purchasing a table you are purchasing the number of tickets that the tables seats.  For example if you purchase a 4-top table you are purchasing 4 tickets 

General admission tickets gain you access to the rear of the venue, behind the seated sections as well as the backyard.  There are tables in both areas that are available on a first come, first served basis.  
There is a garage door behind the stage that remains open in good weather so that you can enjoy the show from inside or outside.

For more information visit our FAQ page or reach out to us directly.

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