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Jeff Sipe Trio

Saturday, August 03
Doors: 12pm // Show: 8pm
$15 to $25

The Jeff Sipe Trio is made up of Jeff Sipe, Mike Seal and Taylor Lee.  
“That the power of the melody comes through matters more than anything to me,” reflects drummer, composer, and bandleader Jeff Sipe. His selfless dedication to the song at hand – to elevating it, enriching it, and propelling it – is why Sipe has long been considered a leading light in a vital, unique musical landscape that expands to encompass elements of jazz, rock, country, and funk. It’s a landscape he helped to create, over a career now spanning more than three decades and including membership in such influential outfits as Colonel Bruce Hampton’s Aquarium Rescue Unit in collaborations with Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg, Phil Lesh, Béla Fleck, Jeff Coffin, Warren Haynes & the Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration, Debashish Bhattacharya and many more.

The accessible, open-hearted compositions that make up Jeff Sipe Trio” are largely contributed by Sipe’s partners in the trio, guitarist Mike Seal and bassist Taylor Lee.

“I first heard Mike Seal when he was 20 years old,” Sipe recalls. “I was immediately impressed with his style. This is a guy with a strong connection to the Appalachian gospel song book and an advanced ear for harmony. His rhythmic sense is also really highly developed, partially because he plays finger style, without a pick. This gives him a natural polyrhythmic approach.”

Throughout “Jeff Sipe Trio”, Seal melds seamlessly with bassist Taylor Lee, who beautifully exploits the full range and potential of his instrument, from driving subterranean basslines to singing, upper-register lead passages. Now only 25, Lee has played with Sipe for the past four years. “His love of music is obvious,” Sipe explains, “and his dedication to the bass has produced a truly inspired musician, with an intuitive gift for melody and a really great feel.” And they’re among the nicest people you’ll meet!

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Venue and ticketing information:

We are family friendly, but shows are 21+ unless accompanied by a guardian.  

For this show you have the option of purchasing a table or a general admission ticket.  

When purchasing a table you are purchasing the number of tickets that the tables seats.  For example if you purchase a 4-top table you are purchasing 4 tickets 

General admission tickets gain you access to the rear of the venue, behind the seated sections as well as the backyard.  There are tables in both areas that are available on a first come, first served basis.  
There is a garage door behind the stage that remains open in good weather so that you can enjoy the show from inside or outside.

For more information visit our FAQ page or reach out to us directly.

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